Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom, the greatest villain of them all, has periodically returned to menace the X-Men with inconclusive battle after inconclusive battle, where he is typically victorious but is then usually undone by his own arrogance and megalomania.


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Doom and the Evil Mutant Army

Doom was, in secret, a part of the Evil Mutant army led by the Mutant Master (revealed to be Quicksilver), but his true purpose was to study the mysterious egg laid by Krakoa, the Living Island, which revealed to have contained an infant Phoenix.

Pact with the Great Rainbow Serpent

Doctor Doom first appeared trying to pursue Shockwave, who as a mutant with electrical powers and a connection to Australia, could be used as a living battery to power a device to rip a portal to the Netherworld, which Doom could use to rescue the soul of his mother. To that end, he employed a mercenary team consisting of the Rhino, an as-yet unknown individual that assumed the costume and devices of the Ringer, and Boomerang, “the killer that keeps coming back.”

When the mercenaries failed, Doom revealed an even greater plot: using his resurrection technology, Doom had been able to bring back several formerly dead comrades of Silvergear’s, including Moonstone III and Matter Man.

In addition, he had Foreshadow on his side, and with his scientific genius, had restored his powers.

The “dead” heroes quickly defeated the X-Men, yet Doom refused to kill them. Instead, he decided to give them a sporting chance, as his great personal honor dictated: he shrank them all to tiny size with his shrinking gas and forced them to come through a child’s nursery in his secret base (the secret purpose of the nursery was unknown at the time), after releasing a cat and ordinary insects.

The X-Men quickly escaped and deactivated the machines that kept their formerly “dead” friends evil. Together with Foreshadow, who turned against Doom rather than hurt his friend Inferno, and their dead friends restored to life for one last battle, the X-Men pressed the attack, until Doom revealed that he had made a sorcerous bargain with the elemental spirits of the Australian Dreamtime, including the Great Rainbow Serpent.

With allies summoned from the Dreamtime, Doom was able to defeat even their combined forces and activated his device, which would rip a portal to the Underworld. Shockwave, realizing Doom’s great ego, taunted him by saying that even he had to pay obeisance to the great Rainbow Serpent. Doom arrogantly denied this…and the great Rainbow Serpent came and swallowed Doom for his outrageous presumption after their bargain…all the while as he cursed Shockwave, dragged into the Dreamtime.

The portal to the underworld had to be closed from the other side after being opened, and Foreshadow, to redeem himself for his crimes, threw himself beyond the portal and activated the closing device, trapped in the Netherworld.

Doom’s Role in the Sinister Six

When the new Sinister Six formed, Doom secretly used them to trace the energy of the Phoenix Temple they discovered through space, in the hopes of finding the breeding ground of the Phoenixes.

The Day of Doom

Doctor Doom’s return was one of the most spectacular yet: he appeared, proclaiming that he would kill 9/10ths of the Population of the Earth, in the hopes of finding a pliable, easy to control world, and he promised immunity to all the world’s supervillains if they cooperated and created chaos and destruction.

The Skrull imposter that had assumed Silvergear’s identity (who then called himself Silverskrull) quickly raced to save the rest of the X-Men, who were on a submarine rigged to head to deep water, a trap laid by Doom. Thanks to Silverskrull’s technopathy, he was able to reprogram the submarine well enough to make an escape. With this act, he earned the respect of the X-Men.

While on Doctor Doom’s hidden island, the blackbird was downed by Doom’s automated defenses, and a supervillain team in Doom’s pay consisted of Titania, the Absorbing Man, Radioactive Man, and Dr. V’s mutant younger brother, who agreed to cooperate with Doom in exchange for Doom saving Dr. V’s life.

The villains defeated, the X-Men and Silverskrull threw themselves at Doom’s Fortress. There, it was revealed that Doom had captured Whitestar, and used her ability to teleport into other dimensions to reach the Negative Zone Prison (an ability previously used by the Mutated Sentinels) and free the Negative Zone prisoners.

The X-Men, together with Whitestar and Silverskrull, attacked Doom and defeated him…only to reveal that inside the suit, all along, was the original, real Silvergear! He had escaped from the Skrull prison and had been caught by Dr. Doom, who brainwashed Silvergear to performing his evil scheme as a distraction from his current plot. Worse, this final battle was broadcast all over the world by Doom.

Doom and the Pheonix Duel

The real Dr. Doom returned to earth, having captured a Phoenix by following the Phoenix Temple signature to the place in deep space where they go inside a sun to dwell. With his information in hand, Doom bound an adult Phoenix to himself. With the full Phoenix Force at his disposal, Doom destroyed Thanos, who had just defeated the X-Men. He also activated a secret hypnotic signal, originally placed in Silvergear, that sent him into a catatonic state.

Doom offered Inferno a plan: he would offer Inferno the life of her son – who he had restored, as his Astral Spirit was captured by Doom and placed into a body all the way back in Australia, when he resurrected the dead former teammates.

With help from Mentallo, his powers boosted by the Watcher, the connection was made between Inferno and the Phoenix that resides in her, and she was able to use its powers for the first time. The two Phoenix-powered heroes flew into space to battle. There, Doom, with his more mature Pheonix, had the upper hand. Until Silvergear, Beast Blade, Gayle and Mentallo correctly determined that the reason Silvergear needed to be defeated by the hypnotic device was because Doom was somehow binding the Phoenix to himself. The four staged a surprise attack on Castle Doom, where Silvergear blacked out and Mentallo was killed by a missile, finally reformed. Only Gear was able to deactivate the Phoenix-binding machine in time.

With the connection to his Phoenix lost, Doom, who was about to throw Inferno into a sun, fell into the sun himself, his fist shaking in defiance.

The Once and Future King

It was later revealed that Doom had been teleported away by a spell of Morgan Le Fay, who needed her former ally Doctor Doom in order to attack Otherworld, home of the Captain Britains, and steal Excalibur. With it, Doom would be the Once and Future King of Britain and challenge the world with his claim.

To that end, Doom attacked and kidnapped two sets of twins, including Infra-Girl and Shockwave, and Captain Britain and Psylocke, to open the tomb of Arthur. Doom also discovered Whitestar, lost and confused since leaving the Triune Understanding, and convinced her she was to be his evil bride.

With his soul-bond connection to Inferno’s son Jaime, he was able to attack through him using the power of his spells and his technological armor suit, which housed a child. Unable to defeat Jaime, Doom, Morgan, and Whitestar defeated the X-Men. When Silvergear was able to escape, Doom’s suit uploaded a virus that disabled Gear. Only to have Gear later transform into a motorcycle, an unpredictable mutation.

At the Tomb of Arthur, Doom made his way inside, and on grasping excalibur, his cloak turned red and ermine-shouldered, with a crown on his head. Silvergear used the soul-bond connection with Jaime to disarm Doom of Excalibur. When Inferno explained to Whitestar Doom didn’t really love her, she attacked Doom and turned against him. What’s more, Morgan used the chaos to grab a duplicate of the Evil Eye of Prester John kept in Arthur’s Tomb. When the device started to short out of control, Doom and Morgan were sealed alive in the tomb – with everyone else only able to escape in time.

Doom’s current whereabouts since the collapse are unknown.

Doctor Doom

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