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  • Real Name: Nicholas Angelov
  • Identity: Known
  • Category: Mutant, Precognitive Telekinetic
  • Citizenship: Russian Citizen, Citizen of the United States with a Criminal Record
  • Place of Birth: Bryansk, Russia
  • Known Relatives: Andrei Angelov (Age 48: Father), Magda Angelov (Deceased: Mother), Alexei Milosz (Deceased: Partner), Sasha Petrov (Age: 46: Aunt), Danil Petrov (Age: 52: Uncle)
  • Occupation: Former Obituaries Columnist for the New York Times, Successful Stock, Bonds, Currency, and Commodities Trader, Habitual Gambler, Leader of a branch of HYDRA formerly headed by Madame HYDRA
  • Group Affiliation: X-men Omega Force, HYDRA
  • Place of Operations: X-Mansion, Apartment in Manhattan, Various Secret HYDRA compounds.
  • Early History:

    Nicholas Angelov, the mutant now known as Foreshadow, was born into the Angelov family in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1984. He did not lead a life of privilege or a life of splendor, but rather a relatively normal life in the then Soviet Union, until the accident of Chernobyl in 1986. Though the accident happened in what is now known as Ukraine, the effects of radiation fallout were widespread.

    The effects of the radiation on Nicholas were immediately apparent, though not obvious. The 3 year old boy began suffering from recurring nightmares. They were very vague and hazy, but there was always a clear image: the death of his mother, Magda Angelov. The boy would wake up screaming, and his mother would always come to comfort him in the night. It wasn’t long before she began showing symptoms of skin irritation, followed by nausea. As her symptoms worsened, Nicholas became stronger. His nightmares became more vivid, things would shake in the house as he dreamt. Chairs, portraits, furniture would move. His father began to grow afraid of him (No easy task), and began blaming him for his mother’s condition. As she worsened and fell into a coma, Nicholas’s eyes would begin to gloss over until white and he would have his nightmares while awake. The eventuality of his mother’s death was not surprising or shocking, nevertheless it was a devastating blow to the family. Nicholas by other rights should have died from radiation poisoning as his mother did, but didn’t.

    He stayed 7 years in Russia with his distant father, Andrei Angelov. Nicholas has his mother’s eyes, and it became all that was left of his wife. Nicholas became known as the aberration, the male banshee that heralded his wife’s death. At the age of 10 it became too much for his father to bear, and he sent Nicholas away to America to live with some distant relatives. By then, Nicholas had developed a coldness to rival winters in Mother Russia, and a penchant for getting into trouble.

    His years in New York were comprised of getting on with the wrong crowds, and eventually HYDRA took notice of him at the age of 16. He was a constant disappointment to his adoptive parents, though they never gave up on him, even as he proceeded to join HYDRA, placing himself beyond their ability to help. This was the catalyst that has defined who he is.

  • Recent History:

    Nicholas, an unlikely hero, now serves on the X-men Omega Force team. He is a former New York Times obituary writer with a cold demeanor, and an unforgiving attitude. To some he is an unrepentant murderer, and to others he is an off-color hero.

    The man has undergone his share of hardships. He bears the scar near his eye with shame, as it reminds him of the day he was unable to protect Alexei. The man had joined a mercenary group in Costa Verde where he met up with associate Whitestar, and later joined the X-men Omega task force. A series of sabotages impeded the X-men during his early days, and this was later revealed to be due to the fact that Foreshadow was in fact two persons. The person who Foreshadow really was was a cunning, insidious member of HYDRA, and the dominant personality was nothing more than a fabrication HYDRA used to give him plausible deniability. He was a sleeper agent sent to infiltrate the X-men.

    There was a struggle for dominance among the two people inside the body, and eventually a compromise was struck: evil Foreshadow melded with good Foreshadow. This happened sometime after HYDRA double-crossed him, and revealed that Alexei was not actually dead, only to kill him again. Ever since then, Foreshadow has been out for Madame Hydra’s blood.

    He made a deal with Dr. Doom, wherein Dr. Doom restored his powers. That very same day, his friends from the Omega team came, and he was forced with a decision of whether to remain loyal to Doom or to his friends. He chose his friends. The Foolkiller was out to get them, and in a seemingly selfless act, Foreshadow used his telekinetic powers to levitate himself and the Foolkiller into the portal that lead to an underworld of sorts. Later to be revealed as Mephisto’s realm. He was partially-motivated by his want to find and rescue Alexei, though did not find him during his time there.

    Foreshadow was out of commission for a couple of months, but was later found to be with the Morlocks under the care of Callisto. Coulton’s widget found him, and he had no apparent memory. He only remembered forging a deal with the devil Mephisto to leave his realm and save Inferno. Back to his usual modus operandi, Foreshadow continued killing HYDRA agents mercilessly in the name of Alexei. Offered a tip by Mephisto, Silvergear and Foreshadow went to HYDRA island to stop her. Foreshadow eventually got his vengeance on Madame HYDRA and put her out of her misery. Shortly after, he was asked to fill her place, and obliged.

    Eventually these courses of action lead to the loss of his soul. Mephisto had claimed it and asked for Coulton’s soul in exchange. Unable to get Coulton’s soul, Mephisto still claimed Foreshadow’s, though relatively uninterested in it despite the dichotomy and balance of good and evil that lay within. He scattered 4 pieces to the river of time, and let Foreshadow keep a fifth of his soul.

    Having been sent to the past by Doom marked for death, and intercepted by Kahn, Foreshadow has since been able to recover one fragment of his soul. At present he is lost somewhere in 1942 with his companions, and has a mission to fulfill, though he is as of yet unaware of all the implications. He is husband to Inferno in this reality, not unlikely given his fierce loyalty to her as a friend in his own time.

    So, that is Foreshadow. He is head of a faction of HYDRA, a member of the X-men Omega Team, an unlikely prophet, and a man at the fork between the roads of perdition and redemption.

  • Casualties:
  • The Trapster
  • Madame Hydra
  • Foolkiller
  • Annihilator
  • Various HYDRA Agents
  • Equipment: Nicholas has HYDRA technology at his disposal, though he regards it with disdain, and relies solely on his mutant powers for the moment.
  • Powers:

    Nicholas is a precognitive, meaning he can foretell the future. Primarily this manifests itself in the form of visions of the future. The more immediate the future is, the easier it is for him to perceive it. He is able to weave in and out of combat relatively unscathed thanks to his ability to know where bullets will pass, or fireballs will hit. It also acts as a sixth sense of sorts that allows him to perceive immediate dangers before they happen, allowing him to react to them when he otherwise would be unable.

    His telekinetic abilities are widespread and varied. This can range from lifting up a subway car and throwing it at a foe, to stopping bullets in midair and redirecting them at their source, to creating protective barriers.

  • Abilities: Nicholas is an eloquent writer, though the eloquence hasn’t had the chance to shine through with the short, to-the-point obituaries he had to write at the New York Times. He hoped to freelance once he secured his financial security. Beyond his writing abilities, Nicholas has an extensive knowledge of the American Common Law; however, he dropped out of College before he could take his bar exam. Thirdly, he is a shrewd investor, even without the use of his precognitive abilities.
  • Weaknesses: Nicholas is susceptible to most forms of psychic assault, and other telepathic-related influences. More recently he has developed an aversion to sunlight, and is particularly vulnerable to flash attacks due to the loss of his soul.
  • Unusual Features: Nicholas bears a scar along his face. It reaches just above the eyebrow slightly, and cuts down across his cheek all the way down from the outer region of his eye. Whenever his precognitive abilities manifest his eyes gloss over and become completely white. More recently Nicholas has undergone further changes due to the loss of his soul. Speculation suggests that when he collects all the fragments of his soul, they will go away. Animals stay away from him, and his eyes have begun glowing at night. His eyes have also begun blinking sideways as well.


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