• Real Name: Anne Harris
  • Identity: Publicly Known
  • Category: Mutant
  • Citizenship: Dual Citizen of Australia and the United States with no Criminal Record
  • Place of Birth: Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
  • Known Relatives: Jamie Harris (son), Gayle Harris (younger sister), Shockwave (first cousin), Infra Girl (first cousin), Contessa Alexandra (former mother-in-law), Benjamin Vincent (fiancee, deceased)
  • Occupation: Former Social Worker
  • Group Affiliation: X-Men Omega Force
  • Place of Operations: X-Mansion, Westchester County, Apartment in Manhattan.

A former social worker with a tough New York attitude and a fiery, flaming temper, Anne Harris is the X-Men’s resident flame projector, the most powerful in sheer firepower and damage.

Anne dealt with a great deal of adversity in her life; she has perpetually struggled with pyromania since the emergence of her abilities, and when mixed with her temper, her firepower can make for difficult real life interaction. During one such incident, she accidentally burned the father of one of her social work cases, resulting in her being dismissed from her job and an anti-mutant attack by the Sons of the Serpent , resulting in the death of her fiancĂ© and, at the time, unknown unborn child. The worst, however, came when she discovered her powers produced a toxic byproduct that resulted in terminal brain cancer, which she kept hidden from the team. During the events of M-Day , she lost her powers, but they were later restored by Matter Man . Unfortunately, the return of her powers resulted in her death, due to a brain aneurysm. She was restored to life by a infant Phoenix. Later, her son was reanimated and then killed again in a plot by Dr. Doom, but Jamie’s life was restored by the Phoenix energy. Recently, she has been forced to give Jamie up when the Countessa Alexandra sued for sole custody (they have joint custody, currently), due to the danger inherent in Anne’s currently lifestyle.

Powers: Inferno’s mutant metabolism can create flame jets of searing heat of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. She can project flame jets and hurl fireballs. By concentrating, she is able to use her heat ability to become lighter than air, capable of “fire flight” of up to 250 miles per hour. Her hair and skin are a substance immune to the extremes of flame and heat, and her hair in particular are filaments of heat-absorbing material not unlike that in toasters. By altering the flow and chemistry of her body’s reaction, she can produce smoke instead of fire. Inferno can explode into a superhot nova-burst explosion, however, this is extremely tiring for her.

The infant Phoenix that possessed Inferno recently gave her a “gift,” which included the ability to project a tiny Phoenix that flies and homes in on its target.

Equipment: Inferno’s suit, designed by Silvergear, contains thermal circuitry that resuscitates her in the event she is knocked out by cold. Her costume is bulletproof,

Abilities: Inferno is a former social worker. She has a masters-level knowledge of Chemistry thanks to help from Matter Man, and is a skilled linguist, pilot, pianist, painter and stunt driver.

Weaknesses: Inferno’s metabolism is unusually vulnerable to cold, which makes her weak and nauseous. She must work even harder to use her powers in climates below 40 degrees.

Background Anne was born in Warrnambool, Australia, to an Australian mother and American father. At the age of three, her family moved to her father’s home town of New York, and has since spent the rest of her life there. She has very little memory of her life before living in New York, and had infrequent contact with her family in Australia.

After her powers emerged at thirteen, she was removed from her home when it became known that her father was anti-mutant. Her sister Gayle tested positive for the X-Gene as well, but the two were separated and had no contact until Anne came to live a the X-Mansion (where Gayle was attending Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters) some eleven years later.


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