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X-Men: Omega Force is centered in Earth-954, a timeline strikingly similar, if not identical, to that of Earth-616; most of the countries are the same, as are many of the political figures, actors, and significant historical events. Organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA still exist, as do villains like Doctor Doom and the Wizard, as well as heroes like the Avengers. Other orginazations exist as well, including Sons of the Serpent and th Triune Understanding. Events such as Marvel’s House of M , M-Day, Civil War , Secret Invasion and Dark Reign took place, but in a slightly different manner.

Super Heroes and Villains

As with all Marvel continuity, the tradition of masked identities is alive and well, for both heroes and villains. X-Men: Omega Force is a branch of superheroes under the guidance of Charles Xavier. The team originally consisted of Silvergear, Inferno and The Mighty Weevil , though the lineup has changed on several occasions. The team has clashed with Doctor Doom, Kraven, Thanos, and most recently, Namor.

The current team is made up of Inferno, Foreshadow , Anvil , Tsunami and the newest additions of Decibelle and the Red Spector


The team has previously consisted of Whitestar , Doctor V , Shockwave , Colton and Quetzalina , and most recetly departed, was Silvergear, who left to rejoin the Tropical Avengers.

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