• Real Name: Joseph Silverman
  • Identity: Publicly Known
  • Category: Mutant, Technology User
  • Citizenship: Citizen of the United States with no Criminal Record, Legally a Minor
  • Place of Birth: Miami, FL
  • Known Relatives: Catherine Silverman (adopted sister), Charles Xavier (adopted guardian), Frances Silverman (father, deceased), Miranda Silverman (mother, deceased) , Circuitbreaker (Clone)
  • Occupation: Student, Inventor
  • Group Affiliation: X-Men Omega Force , Formerly Tropical Avengers
  • Place of Operations: X-Mansion, Westchester County

A boy genius made good, Silvergear was the least likely person imaginable to be the leader of an X-Men team. From his days as “the Kid” on the Tropical Avengers, Silvergear has grown up into an accomplished, experienced person of responsibility and maturity. He revealed his secret identity after accusations by the Serpent Society and on the advice of Nick Fury, and has never looked back. Silvergear endured a great stain to his reputation when he was briefly brainwashed by Dr. Doom and replaced by two imposters: a Skrull and his own quantum creation, Circuitbreaker. Recently, he was forced to grow up faster when his own inventions were stolen by Spymaster, and sold by HYDRA, where it was used by Ultron to replace D.C. In battle with Ultron, Silvergear ensured victory at a great cost: he lost his left hand to prevent the spread of Ultron’s nanoplague.

Because of his young age, he is sometimes not taken seriously by enemies and on occasion teammates. An avid inventor he is responsible for many inventions that have caused him considerable grief, including a quantum duplicator, a time machine, as well as his techno organic suit, Gear: an extraordinary living nanomachine.

Origin: Joseph Silverman’s father was a safety specialist at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant, which explains his mutant abilities. His mother died of cancer when he was four, leaving him to be raised by his emotionally distant father. His solution was to withdraw into his own world, fascinated by electronics and super-heroes. He finally got his chance to become one when at age 15, he signed the call to the Tropical Avengers. For the purpose, he invented his own nanite suit, which could create machinery of his choice when commanded to by his technopathic powers.

Powers: Silvergear is a “technopath,” with the psionic ability to control advanced machinery with mental power. He can repair machinery, instantly disassemble them, and command them to do his bidding. He cannot allow a machine to do something it otherwise wouldn’t be able to, for instance, he could make a computer obey him or a robot to attack someone. He occasionally can form robots from nearby machinery, though he must continually concentrate to keep them active.

Equipment: Silvergear wears a living technorganic suit of nanite beings, Gear, who Silvergear can command to form technology with his technopathic abilities. Gear has demonstrated the ability to assume forms commanded of him when on Silvergear, for instance, a photon blaster, ionic boots, a visor, a drill machine, and swords. Gear can allow light to pass through him harmlessly, creating an “invisibility mode.”

Formerly, Silvergear possessed a Quantum Duplicator, which could allow him to make copies of himself and others at the quantum level.

Abilities: Silvergear has intensive skill in electronics, engineering, nanotechnology, and computer programming. He is also skilled in Quantum Physics, Biomechanics and understands the basics of engineering psionic technology like Cerebro.

Weaknesses: Silvergear has difficulty controlling really advanced alien machines, such as the Mandarin’s Makluan Rings. His powers cannot affect through psionic force-screens and shielded circuitry. Gear is particularly vulnerable to electricity and EMPs, which causes him to lose cohesion. In the past, Silvergear’s computerlike mind was totally blanked out by EMP pulses.

Unusual Features: Silvergear’s eyes flash with circuitry patterns when he uses his Technopathic Powers. Silvergear is missing his left hand, which he had to remove to prevent the spread of Ultron’s nanovirus.


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