• Real Name: Gwen Proudstar
  • Identity: Publicly Known
  • Category: Mutant
  • Aliases: White Buffalo Woman
  • Citizenship: Dual Citizen of the Chirihacua Apache and the United States Citizen with no criminal record
  • Place of Birth: Camp Verde, Arizona
  • Known Relatives: Warpath (first cousin), Thunderbird (first cousin, deceased)
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Group Affiliation: X-Men Omega Force , Formerly allied with Doctor Doom, formerly allied with the Triune Understanding
  • Place of Operations: Unknown at Present

An albino mutant of Apache extraction, Gwen Proudstar has a mutation unusual even by the standards of mutants: she is superhumanly strong and tough due to her superdense body, which is in the beginning processes of becoming a star. Unlike other superstrong “tanks,” she has one other ability: she can teleport, by collapsing her body’s internal gravity.

Gwen Proudstar is strong, but only on the outside. inside, she is an impressionable, nervous, quiet woman raised by an absentee father, who often seeks approval in the wrong way from men. Growing up, she was from a rough neighborhood and part of the world who hung around with juvenile delinquent boys at all hours of the night around the Circle-K, and from that she learned she had really one thing to offer men.

Though she served the X-Men very bravely, when Matter Man sacrificed himself to stop the Mutant Master’s missile because she hesitated at the last minute, Whitestar left the team. She was easily captured by Doctor Doom, who used her teleportation abilities to cut a hole into the Negative Zone, which he used to release all the criminals in the Negative Zone prison.

Motivated by great guilt, she came into the orbit of the religious cult known as the Triune Understanding, who with her great power, used her as an enforcer – which included beating the living tar out of Weevil, whose ex-wife took their son to be raised at a Triune Colony in the Southwest that was secretly used by Norman Osborn to launder underworld money through their tax-exempt status. Whitestar opposed her former team-mates, convinced by the Triunes that they were in her way. When the lies of the Triunes were revealed, Whitestar left in a teleportation burst.

Later on, it was revealed that when she was Doctor Doom’s prisoner, Whitestar acquired a case of Stockholm Syndrome, and was in love with the dangerous and confident Doctor Doom. When Doom turned against her, Whitestar helped her former team-mates defeat him.


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